Bourbon Watch: Shot All To Hell

“Would you call this the best day of your career?”

Kendal Crowe brings in a box just marked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Ava’s lawyer asks for a rye— double— not bourbon, and Boyd, with his four fingers of Elmer T Lee, commiserates with Darryl over the state of the world where nobody can pour a true double anymore. “That’s what’s wrong with the world,” Boyd philosophizes. “Everybody’s on the take.”

But as many bottles as the marshals go through themselves, celebrating Art in absentia as Art’s either taking phone calls from Attorney General Holder or is so done taking phone calls from Holder, the best bottle comes last. The Pappy Van Winkle on reserve just for Art, on this, the day he most deserves it.

Vasquez: Raylan? You’re a dick. Art? You’re an American hero. And it is my honor to work in your company.
Raylan: I’m a dick, but you’re a kiss-ass.
Vasquez: Okay, I’m trying to toast the man, please. [to Art] If I had to choose one person who deserved this big a win, it’d be you, Chief. Hundred percent. Congratulations.
Art: Well, that was lovely, sir. You can kiss my ass any time you like.

Hear, hear.

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