Bourbon Watch: Where’s Waldo?

"Pappy Van Winkle. Holy shit. What’s the occasion?"

The occasion being, some Bowling Green marshal who thinks Art’s job is up for the poaching with a bottle of liquor. You want the job? Art says. Shit. I bet I got marshals that are more trouble than your fugitives:

"I got a young kid here, decorated sniper in Iraq war. Army Ranger. I don’t know how many kills he had. Always looking to kill somebody else. Probably got PTSD. Probably an alcoholic. Not a matter of if that powder keg is gonna blow but when.

"I got a lady marshal here. Brought in two of the top fifteen fugitives to this office but she’s always trying to prove herself. I thought she was gonna be the one that would take this office over after I got ready to retire but now she’s left her husband. So it’s gonna be fun to monitor her emotional state over the next year, see if she can keep it together.

"Then I got a local boy. Born in Harlan County. Been investigated so many times Internal Affairs has got him on speed dial. Father’s in prison for murdering two people, including a state trooper, and his daddy killed somebody else last night in prison and I get to be the one to tell him about it. Unless you’d like to stick around and do it. I mean the key to it’s just to talk about it like you’re talking about the weather. Don’t get all emotional and shit."

And Patrick says, “That’s a two hundred dollar bottle of bourbon, Art.” Art sends him packing with, “I intend to enjoy every drop of it.”

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